As a rule, zinc plating is always passivated (also referred to as chromated). In passivation, the zinc oxide top layer is converted into a chromate conversion layer. The passivation embellishes the appearance of the zinc coating and provides additional corrosion protection. Galvamé offers the following passivation treatments:

  • Blue passivation
  • Yellow passivation (thick-layer passivated or TLP)
  • Black passivation

All passivation treatments are based on trivalent chromium, which means they are completely free of hexavalent chromium and therefore RoHS and ELV compliant. Yellow passivation has the best corrosion resistance: more than 200 hours to white rust in NSS salt spray tests. This can be further increased with a seal. Passivation layers are iridescent, meaning they can take on multiple colours, such as blue, yellow, green and purple.

  • Primarily applied to steel
  • Corrosion protection even at low layer thicknesses
  • No extreme layer thicknesses or drop formation
  • No deformation due to heat
  • Wide range of colours through passivation
  • Black passivation gives a uniform semi-gloss, black appearance
  • Layer thicknesses from 5 µm to 40 µm