Machine building

  • electrolytic zinc plating and electroless nickel plating of steel machine parts, shafts and gears
  • pickling/passivation and electropolishing of stainless-steel machine parts
  • nickel/chrome plating of decorative components etc.

Medical equipment

  • electropolishing of tools, tool holders, implants, machine parts etc.

Automotive industry

  • electrolytic zinc plating
  • nickel plating and chrome plating of interior and exterior components of cars and motorbikes
  • barrel nickel plating and tin plating of battery terminals
  • sulphamate nickel plating and tin plating of electrical connections etc.


  • tin plating, sulphamate nickel plating and silver plating of electrical components, contacts and connections
  • silver plating and tin plating of high-voltage connections etc.

Electrical engineering

  • nickel plating, tin plating and silver plating of contacts and connections
  • electrolytic zinc plating of switch components and sheet metal for large terminal boxes, switch cabinets etc.

Food sector

  • electropolishing of pipework, valves, tanks and components for robotic milking, slaughtering machines etc.

Chip production

  • pickling/passivation of machine parts
  • electropolishing of fasteners etc.

Oil and gas extraction

  • electrolytic zinc plating of lifting equipment, large locking bolts (up to M80), drill head components etc.


  • regalvanising and rechroming car, motorbike and yacht components etc.