Whether it involves large series or a single product, the customer’s wishes and requirements are our top priority. And at Galvamé, we are dedicated to meeting the highest standards in a responsible way. That means our operations revolve around safety and environmental stewardship. We take sustainability into account as early as the procurement stage when ordering raw materials, operating resources etc. During the process itself, these materials and resources are used sparingly. Moreover, wastewater is treated using the latest technology, which allows us to further minimise our environmental impact.

All our processes are guided by procedures and regulations. We hold regular toolbox meetings to monitor safety and keep each other on our toes. And we continuously strive to improve our practices. This includes boosting energy efficiency. In 1997, Galvamé was one of the first electroplating companies in the Netherlands to obtain ISO 9001 certification, a guarantee of our commitment to delivering a consistent and reliable, high-quality service.

Productie baden

Wastewater treatment




Production baths

Our in-house laboratory features high-precision X-ray coating thickness measurement capabilities and a salt spray test booth in which we can test how well your products are protected. In the laboratory, we analyse our process baths and check the quality of the final product. All this is done under the watchful eye of our dedicated QHSE manager. Our 30 or so qualified professionals possess world-class knowledge of metal finishing and corrosion technology.

Last but not least, we pride ourselves in being hard working and hands-on. No matter the challenge, we roll up our sleeves to exceed your expectations. Thanks to our automated planning, we can guarantee short delivery times in advance. We keep going until the job is done, even if this involves working outside business hours. A promise is a promise!